Wrought Iron 19th Century Gates | Electric Gate Installation in Nether Kiddington, Woodstock, Oxfordshire

19/01/2023 - Completed Project ~

Gate Installer: Steve Foster

Wrought Iron 19th Century Swing Gates:

- Wrought Iron

- Wireless Loop

- CAME Underground Frog Motors

- CAME Safety Photocells

- CAME Remote Gate Fobs

- CAME Connect

- CAME Bpt MTM Video Entry System with XTS WIFI Monitor

This was an exciting project for us to be involved in. We have worked with our customer before with upgrading their other set of electric gates to a stunning set of flat top panel iroko gates (see our blog post 01/11/2022 and Instagram dated 13/09/2022). Our next steps were to create a new gate install and new entrance, see the pictures below for the work gone in to achieve the customer requirements.

Phase 1 ~ Preparing the new entrance

Phase 1 ~ Preparing the new entrance, removing the existing wall and trees

Phase 1 ~ preparing the new entrance, removing the existing walls and trees

Phase 2 ~ Creating the driveway and levelling the ground

Phase 2 ~ Creating the driveway, levelling the ground and adding in new bricked plant beds

Phase 2 ~ New brick piers built ready for the gates and new plant bed walls going up

Phase 2 ~ New block paving being added before the gates are hung

Over the last few months the renovation of a new entrance with new brick piers, gates, driveway and landscaping has taken place and what a stunning transformation it is!

The customer supplied their own Wrought iron gates, which were reclaimed in the mid 19th Century, around 1850! Now that's some impressive longevity in the gates. You can see the intricate fabrication work gone into them too.

We hung the gates into position and fabricated the top hinges. We worked alongside PR Kelly Paving, Landscaping & Groundwork who ensured each step was ready for us at the correct time and the overall results speak for themselves.

Phase 3 ~ New gates hung into position and landscaping the driveway

Phase 3 ~ New gates hung into position and landscaping the driveway. In the background is the first entrance where we upgraded to new iroko electric gates

We installed a wireless loop, CAME Underground Frog Motors, CAME Safety Photocells, CAME Bpt MTM Video Entry System with XTS WIFI Monitor. The gates are controlled via CAME Remote Fobs and CAME Connect.

An overall successful and impressive transformation, these stunning gates very much compliment the property and we hope we can have another installation just like this one.

Electric Wrought Iron Swing Gates ~ CAME Underground Frog Motors with CAME Bpt MTM Video Entry System and CAME Safety Photocells

CAME Safety Photocells

CAME Bpt MTM Video Entry System

Electric Wrought Iron Swing Gates

Electric Wrought Iron Swing Gates

Electric Wrought Iron Swing Gates

Electric Wrought Iron Swing Gates

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