Securing A Shared Driveway | Electric Gate Installation In Trowbridge, Wiltshire

26/05/2023 - Completed Project ~

Electric Swing Gates With Aluminium Diagonal Full Boards & Pedestrian Gate ~

Gate Installer: Steve Foster & Ryan Turner

We were initially contacted by our customer to attend site to carry out a takeover and full service of their existing electric gates and automation system.

Unfortunately upon arrival it was clear the gate needed more work than a straight forward service. Upon further inspection we discovered a number of non-compliant and safety issues and clear that highly likely the previous company or engineer who carried out the work was not an approved gate automation company or engineer.

The various issues with the gate included all four of the safety photocells installed at the incorrect height and did not meet current regulations, all cabling including internal grade cable was exposed and should have been in a protective containment, the underground motor boxes did not have sufficient drainage meaning the boxes were visibly filling with water, the control cabinet needed a good tidy with the power supplies and relays being fixed within the control cabinet, the top hinges on the gates were loose and the hinge gaps were not protected with a high risk to causing a crushing incident. We have included images below which showed this non-compliant issues.

These issues were immediately reported and shown to the customer and a discussion took place to come to the best solution to not only make their gate compliant, but to also overhaul the system.

The customers decided to upgrade their existing system to new electric gates and new automation.

Aluminium Swing Electric Gates featuring Diagonal Full Boards

Aluminium Swing Electric Gates with Pedestrian Gate

We first started out tidying up the control cabinet and securing the cabling in appropriate protective containment, we fitted the additional feature of a GSM Intercom which both customers had control of to operate the gate, they also have remote gate fobs to enter and exit the property with the ease of not getting out of their vehicles.

We supplied and hung into position the aluminium anthracite grey swing gates, along with the new manual pedestrian gate and installed CAME Axo surface motors to operate the gates.

This install did have a few stop start issues that we overcome and successfully installed and upgraded secure automated gates.

The following list is a break-down of all equipment used on the job - To view more images and videos head over to our instagram and facebook page: sf_automation_gates or facebook page: SF Automation

- Electric Swing Gates with Aluminium Diagonal Full Boards - Anthracite Grey

- Pedestrian Aluminium Manual Gate

- CAME UK Axo Surface Motors

- CAME UK Bpt GSM Intercom

- CAME UK Remote Gate Fobs

- CAME UK Connect App

- Existing Safety Photocells

- Battery Back-Up

Customers previous wooden gates

The reported non-compliant issues we faced

The old exposed cabling

The old gate motor submerged in water

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