Garden Party Ready! | Electric Gate Installation In Slad, Stroud, Gloucestershire

12/05/2023 - Completed Project ~

Electric Swing Gates With Iroko Hardwood Panelling & Matching Pedestrian Gate ~

Gate Installer: Steve Foster & Ryan Turner

This was a fantastic electric gate installation project to take on, with a time frame to get complete in time for the customer's garden party! With this is mind we were keen to have everything prepped beforehand and get all hands on deck.

The customer chose a bespoke made iroko hardwood panelled gate along with oak posts that have a chamfered finished to the top and pedestrian gate to match.

The detailed full board panelling gates add the extra security and privacy to the property.

We drafted in our groundworkers to help remove the old set of steel gates in place, set in the posts and prepare the concrete. At the time they did have to battle some horrendous weather conditions to start with meaning there was a slight delay in getting the concrete in and ensuring it was set to accommodate the large heavy duty posts. This was the most important part to get right as the new iroko hardwood gates are solid and robust and need all the support they can get.

Once the posts were set we organised a Carpenter to come in and router out the top hinges for a more sleek, flushed design, with gates like this it was imperative we did them justice and showed them off.

With some huffing and puffing we hung the gates in place, luckily the ground boxes and posts were accurately installed to the millimetre using our lasers!

To combat the hilly environment the gates had to open outwards, before taking this option we ensured there was a clear way away from pedestrian walkways and roads, in this instance the customer had a large driveway entrance before approaching the gates and we therefore installed additional safety features with a set of safety photocells positioned on the outside of the property to stop the gates opening if someone is parked in front.

We installed CAME UK Underground Frog Motors, along with safety photocells, with the gate controlled via CAME UK Bpt GSM Intercom connected to the customer's phone, CAME UK Remote gate fobs and CAME UK Connect remote app.

- Electric Swing Gates with Iroko Panelling & Matching Pedestrian Gate

- Iroko Hardwood Panelling

- Gates Left Untreated

- Oak Chamfered Top Posts

- Gate Hinges

- Safety Photocells

- CAME UK Bpt GSM Intercom

- CAME UK Remote Gate Fobs

- CAME UK Connect App

- AES Wireless Loops

Upon approaching their driveway you can really see the striking gates from a far even down to every detail, an overall successful installation and satsified customer.

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Electric Swing Gates ~ Iroko Hardwood Panelled Gates

Electric Swing Gates ~ Iroko Hardwood Panelled Gates ~ CAME UK Bpt GSM Intercom

Carpenter routing out the top hinges

Electric Swing Gates ~ Hinges & Straps

Electric Swing Gates ~ Hinges & Straps

Electric Swing Gates ~ Hinges & Straps

Electric Swing Gates ~ Iroko Hardwood Panelled Gates

Electric Swing Gates ~ Iroko Hardwood Panelled Gates ~ CAME UK Bpt GSM Intercom

CAME UK Bpt GSM Intercom ~ Safety Photocell

CAME UK Bpt GSM Intercom

Matching Pedestrian Iroko Hardwood Panelled Gate

Matching Pedestrian Iroko Hardwood Panelled Gate

Electric Swing Gates ~ Iroko Hardwood Panelled Gates With Matching Pedestrian Gate

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