Protecting A Car Park | Rising Bollard Installation in Swindon, Wiltshire

31/01/2023 - Completed Project ~

Gate Installer: Steve Foster

BFT Stoppy Hydraulic Rising Bollard:

- BFT Stoppy Hydraulic Rising Bollard

- BFT LED Traffic Lights

- Safety Loops

- Exit Loops

- Acces Control By Others

We were asked to install the BFT Hydraulic Rising Bollard to help manage a community centre car park which is being used as a local council depot.

Hydraulic Rising Bollard ~ BFT Stoppy Hydraulic Rising Bollard

This Bollard will not only add extra security, but also aid with the management of traffic entering and exiting the premises.

We worked alongside a security company to complete full groundworks including all trench work for the Access Control and mains cables.

Hydraulic Rising Bollard ~ BFT Stoppy Hydraulic Rising Bollard and BFT LED Traffic Lights

Hydraulic Rising Bollard ~ BFT Stoppy Hydraulic Rising Bollard, BFT LED Traffic Lights and Safety and Exit Loops

We installed a BFT Stoppy Hydraulic Rising Bollard, BFT LED traffic lights, safety loops and exit loops.

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