Oxford University Pedestrian Steel Swing Gates | Electric Gate Upgrade In Oxfordshire

16/01/2023 - Completed Project ~

Pedestrian Steel Swing Gates

- Steel Swing Gates

- CAME Stylo Motors

- CAME Safety Photocells

- In-House Access Control System

We love when our jobs are varied, Oxford University was an existing pedestrian gate which we recently took over and re-designed to make it fit for purpose.

The original system had underground frog motors, however due to the slow speed of the small gates and the usage per day, the system quickly failed.

We, therefore gave the system an overhaul to bring it up to current standards aswell as installing appropriate 'high pedestrian usage' motors, CAME Stylo.

Electric Pedestrian Steel Swing Gates ~ CAME Stylo Motors

Electric Pedestrian Steel Swing Gates ~ CAME Stylo Motors

The gate is used multiple times a day by students and staff, and is operated by the college's in-house access control.

We have taken over and installed automated systems at a number of schools and colleges and cover a wide variety of automation that can all integrate with in-house access control systems.

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