Our Largest Set Of Electric Cantilever Gates & Access Control Management | Gate Installation in The Leigh, Wiltshire

30/03/2023 - Completed Project ~

Gate Installer: Steve Foster

Gate 1 ~ Electric Steel Cantilever Gate - 5 metres

Gate 2 ~ Electric Steel Cantilever Gate - 10 metres

- Steel Cantilever Gates

- CAME BXV Plus Motors

- CAME Safety Photocells

- CAME Safety Edges

- CAME Connect App

- CAME 300 Remote Gate Fobs

- Relays

This was one of our largest electric cantilever gate installations to date. With two large entrances to fill, we installed one gate measuring 5 metres along with a pedestrian gate and the second gate measuring 10 metres.

These particular gates were box section steel with round infill bars.

Electric Cantilever 5 Metre Gate

Electric Cantilever 10 Metre Gate

Our customer wanted to achieve an air lock in between the two gates to stop tailgating, we therefore designed the system that linked the two gates together installing relays and using specific programming. We were able to achieve the first gate opening first whilst the second gate remained closed. Only then, once the first gate fully closed, the second gate would open.

We loaded and programmed 300 CAME gate remote fobs onto the system which were distributed out to their customers and assigned onto the CAME Connect App. The CAME Connect App in this instance is ideal for managing their customers, including adding or removing fobs and having the ability to remotely access the gates, particuarly if they are off site.

We also installed CAME BXV Plus motors, CAME Safety Edges, and CAME Safety Photocells.

The customer has requested some additional features i.e. security cabinets around the gate motors and batter back-ups.

Gate 1 ~ CAME BXV Plus Motor

Gate 1 ~ CAME Safety Photocells and Safety Edges

Gate 1 ~ Pedestrian Gate

Gate 2 ~ CAME BXV Plus Motor

Gate 2 ~ CAME Safety Photocells and Safety Edges

Gate 2 ~ CAME Safety Photocells and Support Post

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